Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michael Hoffman on the Pope's visit to Scotland and England

Journalist, author and lecturer, Michael Hoffman hit the bull's eye in a September 20th article on his blog site. See here . Hoffman asserts, and I believe quite correctly, that Benedict's visit to Scotland and England has been a sell out of the great 16th Century English martyrs, priests and Catholic lay faithful alike, who, rather than follow the British Crown into Protestant heresy and Church apostasy, willingly forfeited their lives. As Mr. Hoffman writes: "If the (English) martyrs were correct, then the pope is a traitor to 450 years of Catholic recusant heroism and sainthood." We believe, like Hoffman, the English martyrs were right.

As seems to be his wont, Benedict once again trotted out the 'Nazi' theme. He heaped inordinate praise upon the "British establishment" for its heroic struggle against the "Nazis." Hoffman offers a refreshing and countervailing perspective on the "Nazis."

You're not going to find this kind of commentary on any of the highly sanitized and politically correct Catholic websites and journals. Furthermore, I doubt that even one "traditional" Catholic publication, (e.g. The Remnant, CFN), will touch the topic with a ten foot pole. Not even the SSPX will go near this one, I'm sure- Oh no, not while SSPX leaders are presently playing such intense 'footsie' with the Romans.

Hoffman's entire article is reprinted below below:

Monday, September 20, 2010
The Pope in Scotland and England: Conscience in Crisis
by Michael Hoffman September 20, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI has pulled off quite a coup over the past few days. He has charmed the Scots and the English and been embraced by the masonic British establishment, beginning with "Her Majesty" the Queen. The promised massive opposition from atheists fizzled. The British Secret Service did an efficient job of mounting a fake Algerian "terror threat" that was key to shifting sympathy toward the pope, causing him to be seen, almost from the beginning of his state visit, as an embattled target of extremists.

Catholics can wax enthusiastic over his "triumph" only if they are willing to adopt the double mind. I was saddened watching on EWTN, Joe Pearce, the English Catholic historian who knows better, praising the pope for his outreach, which included praying with Anglicans. Hundreds of Catholics were tortured and killed in the reigns of Edward VI, Elizabeth I and James I for refusing to do what Pope Benedict did. If the Pope's actions were correct, then those martyrs died for nothing. If the martyrs were correct, then the pope is a traitor to 450 years of Catholic recusant heroism and sainthood. The failure of informed Catholics like Pearce to even confront the contradiction, shows the extent to which "obedience" and subservience to hierarchical order continues to take precedence over Truth in the modern Roman Catholic Church.

This failing is at the root of the child molestation scandal, as well. That cover up depended upon the bureaucratic belief that one does not expose priests and bishops to negative publicity or prosecution. Under Pope Benedict XVI, notorious molestation facilitators such as Bishop William Skylstad of Spokane and Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles are being allowed to serve their full term and then retire with all the prestige and riches of their office, instead of being sent to prison, where they belong.

The pope offered unqualified praise for the British establishment for its fight against the "Nazis." Benedict spoke of the horrors of the Nazi bombing of Coventry without saying a word about the British fire-bombing of Dresden. "His Holiness” did not mention the fact that it was the British who initiated the bombing of cities. The Germans had not bombed any city in the British Isles until Churchill ordered attacks on German ones. To their everlasting credit, during World War II certain Anglican churchmen stood in the House of Lords to condemn Britain's merciless collective punishment of the German people for the crimes of their leaders, a monstrous and wholly unchristian Allied doctrine which remains in force in places like Gaza.

Most intriguing of all the developments in the pontiff's sojourn in Britain, is the remarkable public emergence of what was for centuries a great secret: the symbiotic relationship between the Neoplatonic imperium that gained purchase inside the Vatican beginning with the Renaissance, and the masonic cryptocracy of Britain -- two seeming opposing forces -- now shown to be in alliance.

Lastly, the pope beatified (raised to near-saint status) the Victorian savant and Anglican convert to Catholicism, John Henry Newman. When asked, in the 19th century, to toast the pope, Cardinal Newman is reported to have said, "To the pope, yes, -- but to conscience first." Cardinal Newman's standard should be our own in this time of crisis, as we observe the shenanigans of the wily Benedict XVI and his apparatchiks, inside the Vatican and beyond.


  1. Good job in giving some added publicity to this superb, albeit very painful, commentary by Michael Hoffman.

    James B. Phillips

  2. Ah, new Rome and new Religion. It is not the TRUE FAITH.

  3. The Pope cannot please everyone. The Pope, I believe seeks to unite the separated brothers of the Christian faith. He is not in the same position as the martyrs were and thus, his actions cannot be compared to the martyrs' who were mentioned in the article.

  4. http://thoughtactioneire.blogspot.com/2010/11/maximilian-krah-and-menzingen-cause-for.html

  5. Michael Hoffman is not a Roman Catholic, and has never been one. He is an anti-Catholic Protestant who has hoodwinked gulible traditional Catholics into thinking that he is Catholic.

    Whatever the pope does, or doesn't do, isn't any of his business.