Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vatican operative speaks at Fatima Challenge Conference in Rome

Last week John Vennari of Catholic Family News conducted a "Fatima Challenge" conference in Rome, Italy. One of the speakers at that conference was a gentleman named Giuseppe De Carli. Mr. De Carli, a journalist by profession, is in charge of the Vatican's radio/TV facility. He is pretty well connected to Secretary of State Tarciso Bertone, whose interview with the latter provided the material for a book "The Last Seer of Fatima," authored by Card. Bertone.
For those acquainted with the circumstances surrounding the publication of that book, they will recall that it was written in refutation of the major thesis of another book written months earlier by Italian journalist and TV personality, Antonio Socci, entitled "The Forth Secret." In his book, Socci, supported by a myriad of convincing and well researched data, contends that there is another, yet unrevealed part of the Third Secret. Vatican officialdom strenuously affirms, as we all know, that the full text of the Third Secret was released on June 26, 2000 under the auspices of then Pope John Paul II. Many doubt, with plenty of reason now, that Rome has not come clean on the entirety of the Third Secret's contents, including, of course, Mr. Socci, who, though Catholic, did not, and maybe still does not, identify with the traditionalist 'wing' of the Church. So he did not come to his conclusions by way of any pre-conceived traditional Catholic ‘prejudices.’
Mr. De Carli held firm to the party line, never, or rarely, deviating from his prepared script. He did, however, begin to waver a bit at the end under a withering barrage of questions from the likes of Fr. Nichola Gruner, lawyer Chris Ferrara and author John Salza, each of whom speaks fluent Italian. Mr. De Carli made his presentation in Italian, ably translated for the English-speaking audience.
I have no idea why this obviously Vatican-programmed layman consented to enter the enemy's lair, but enter he did. He did the best he could under the circumstances, seeing that he represented the Vatican’s position, which, alas for De Carli, Socci’s arguments blow completely out of the water. Well, the conferees mentioned above were eager to pounce- and pounce they did!

Link to the video below. It's rather long, so you may want to skip through portions of it. But don't miss the question/answer period at the end. It left Mr. De Carli gasping for air and eager to make a quick exit.

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  2. Fr. Nicholas Gruner is a promoter of Talmudic Rabbi Mayer Schiller
    Fr. Gruner and his movement regard contemporary, post-Soviet Russia, as the number one source of evil on planet earth, not the Israeli entity.

    Mr. Ferrara has hurled various ignorant invectives at World War II revisionists, led the charge against Bishop Williamson and mocked those who doubt the official story of how the buildings fell in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.