Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rabbi Given Bum's Rush at Notre Dame Cathedral

No time is a good time for a Jewish rabbi to be asked to speak at a Catholic Church, especially on Passion Sunday, especially in a Catholic cathedral with the vaunted history and tradition of Notre Dame in Paris. But that is what almost happened. Just as the rabbi got up to speak to the congregation, a group of young traditional Catholics stood and began chanting the Rosary in unison. This demonstration created enough havoc and confusion in the sanctuary to drive the rabbi off the pulpit and back into the sacristy of the Church, from whence, reportedly, he made his speech over a microphone hookup. These young traditional Catholics were quite rude, many will undoubtedly judge. Oh, that such acts of rudeness might be the rule rather than the exception!

A typical reaction from the "vile media" can be found here.

Catch Michael Hoffman's gloves-off summary of the event. It can not be said any better. See also the accompanying one minute video on Mr. Hoffman's blog.


  1. Thanks for giving this important development in the courage and activism of the Church MILITANT, publicity. As of March 25 (8:18 am Pacific time) the Remnant and Rorate Caeli have ignored this story.

    God wants us to do more in confronting evil than pray, read and talk. The mostly youthful traditional Catholic contingent who decently and in a restrained manner as ladies and gentlemen, confronted the rabbi in Notre Dame, are showing the way to bearing witness against sacrilege.

  2. No doubt, Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois would have something in common with the fictional Cardinal Inquisitor spoken of in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. In the famous episode within the novel Christ returns to earth (to Spain) during the time of the Inquisition only to be locked up and sentenced to death. The fictional Grand Inquisitor, who just so happens to be an atheist, basically tells Our Lord He needs to get out of the way because men can't handle the truth/freedom He has given them. Therefore, the Church would get along a lot better if He disappeared from the scene.

    No doubt, Cardinal Vingt-Trois thinks the Church would get along a lot better if those unecumenical troublemakers with rosary beads would just disappear from the scene.